ROCKY is a powerful, 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program that quickly and accurately simulates the granular flow behavior of different shaped and sized particles within a conveyor chute, mill, or other materials handling equipment.

Why is ROCKY unique?

  • The only commercial code that uses accurate particle shape representation and has advanced breakage and fragmentation models
  • Double precision solvers that uses shared-parallel memory with both CPU and GPU processors
  • Fully integrated with ANSYS Workbench (CFD and FEA)
  • Extensive code validation and calibration

Several capabilities set ROCKY apart from other DEM codes, including non-round particle shapes, the ability to simulate particle breakage without loss of mass or volume, the visualization of boundary surface reduction due to wear, and more.

Mining and manufacturing organizations all over the world are choosing ROCKY DEM software to evaluate their bulk material handling systems because ROCKY simulates granular flow quickly, accurately, and with more similarity to real-world conditions than ever before. With its ability to create realistic shapes that settle and compact just like actual particles, and its variable sticky and dust-like conditions, ROCKY can replicate nearly any type of material handling environment imaginable.

The streamlined calculations and GPU processing capabilities included within ROCKY produce faster and more accurate results when compared to other DEM products. And ROCKY can simulate more than 5 million particles in nearly limitless size and shape distributions from rocks to grain, metal to plastic, and beyond.




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