Maxwell Toolkit for Actuators

TSNE have developed a Maxwell toolkit for actuators. The purpose of this toolkit is to offer an easy and convenient simulation environment for actuator developers who is not used to using Maxwell. The toolkit makes them to predict the performance of their design.

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Introduce of TofU

The name of TSNE Maxwell Toolkit is TofU (Toolkit for You). Tofu was developed to aid in the design of actuators like solenoid actuators, voice coil actuators, speakers and etc. And target users of TofU are actuator developers who is not used to using Maxwell.

Work Flow

Generally, the work flow of CAE software is pre-process, solution and post-process. The work flow is not familiar with actuator developers. So TofU provides a similar process to a development like below. Actuator developers can predict the performance of their design just by inputting design specifications of an actuator.



Maxwell Toolkit for Actuators

Components Design and Setting

Actuators are consisted several function components. Therefore the components of design are important. TofU supports numerical specification calculations for coils, flat springs, and coil springs. Before solving for a virtual experiment, TofU makes a script file for pre-process of Maxwell using calculated specification or entered setting value of components automatically.



Maxwell Toolkit for Actuators

Virtual Experiment

When developing actuators, developers need three kinds of experiment to evaluate the performance of their items. Those are force, stroke (stroke vs. force) and movement (time vs. stroke) experiment. TofU provides that three virtual experiment by controlling Maxwell Software using Python script files.The movement virtual experiment is very important to evaluate the performance of actuator design. But it is complex compare to other virtual experiments because the movement virtual experiment uses a transient solver in Maxwell.

So TofU provides easy movement virtual experiment just by inputting experiment conditions. Also TofU offers several external circuits for movement experiment. Users can use pulse, proportion, PWM input for a solenoid actuator and step, sin, proportion input for a voice coil actuator.



Maxwell Toolkit for Actuators


  • The easy analysis environment for actuator developers
  • Calculation of the Specs of actuator components (Coil, Flat Spring, Coil Spring)
  • Virtual experiments for actuators (Force, Stroke, Movement)
  • Automatic result Excel report of analyses