Metamodels in a Cyber-Physical System

In order to determine the remaining lifetime of safety relays, simulation models of the whole system are combined with the real data of an operating elementary relay in a cyber-physical system. Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH applies optiSLang for parameter identification by means of metamodels used as Functional Mockup Units (FMUs).

Metamodels in a Cyber-Physical System

The fundamental driver of this solution is the opportunity to determine the behavior (i.e. the life-time) of a safety relay in combining a simulation model of the whole system with the real data of an acting (elementary) relay in a cyber-physical system. This combination allows the failure prediction of the whole electromechanical system. Based on the simulation results preventive measures can be started.

Different physical domains e.g. electrical / electronic, mechanical, magnetic, thermal and software / firmware are implemented in this cyber physical model. Parameters of the relay and effects like magnetic field behavior and electrical contact lifetime are represented by a Metamodel of Optimal Prognosis (MoP) used as a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU).

The combination of measured values from an acting relay and analyzed / derived values generated in the presented model are used as input parameters to different FMUs. In one application the monitored result can be obtained as indication to initialize predictive maintenance to prevent unexpected failure.
As additional option the monitored result of FMU (e.g. electrical lifetime) can be used to optimize measured system data to achieve better results (e.g. electrical lifetime) by variation of model parameters.

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