Jet Injection into Supersonic Flow

The problem of transverse injection of a jet into a supersonic flow is of interest for analyzing the processes that occur in vectored-thrust rocket engines, thruster-controlled flying vehicles and also for the development of hypersonic flying vehicles and their propulsion systems. For efficient operation of combustion chambers it is necessary to ensure a high degree of fuel mixing with the air flow within a short time interval. The choice of the injection system is extremely important.

Results of modeling the interaction of a plane supersonic jet with a supersonic turbulent high-enthalpy flow in a channel are reported.

Jet Injection into Supersonic Flow

The problem is solved in a two-dimensional formulation at external flow Mach numbers M = 2.6 and 2.8 and at high values of the total temperature of the flow T0 = 1800–2000 K. The mathematical model includes full averaged Navier–Stokes equations supplemented with a two-equation turbulence model and an equation that describes the transportation of the injected substance.

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Prof. Natalya Fedorova

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