Big Data & Predictive Analytics

We are specialised in Big Data and Predictive Analytics solutions for small and midsize companies. We offer Big Data Consulting, Services on Amazon Web Services and our analytics software “ITficient Analytics” for Big Data and predictive analytics.

Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Companies save, collect and share data through different tools and channels (CRM/ERP systems, Mailings, Website, Webshops, Customer Portal, Social Media, Machine Data, Sensor Data, …).

The gathered data quickly mounts up to big data. The challenges for businesses is now to connect the different types of data from multiple sources, analyse them, and finally to predict trends and customer or machine behaviour.

Small and midsize companies very often do not have a suitable IT infrastructure and Big Data knowledge. The high cost and the lack of internal resources and expertise mostly leads to no Big Data usage. A missed chance.

We offer an easy and affordable cloud-based Big Data solution trough “ITficient Analytics”. Our solution uses the cloud, technology, and services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We developed a front-end to visualize Big Data results for management and users without IT skills and statistical knowledge.



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