Joint development of ANSYS acoustic extension

ANSYS Acoustic ACT extension in ANSYS Workbench

EDRMedeso and ANSYS has together with Oticon driven the development of an enhansed acoustic cabability resulting in ANSYS Acoustic ACT Extension. Together we have also developed an automatic simulation process using ANSYS Workbench.


The Oticon Group aims to become the customers preferred supplier of state-of-the art quality solutions and thus create a platform for continued organic growth. It strives to meet user needs by maintaining a high innovative level and constantly expanding its global infrastructure. To succeed, it is critical to launch new and innovative products and these they are launched timely and continuously. Solution

The development process for mechanical parts was changed to become more simulation driven by an  increasing number of simulation in the initial design stages. Factors leading to successful implementation of Oticons simulation driven development process were:

  1.  Capturing Oticons simulation process and specific knowhow inside ANSYS Workbench. This allows design specialists to work efficiently with advanced numerical models.
  2. Training in the simulation process by EDR&Medeso and new feature implementation by ANSYS leading to a smooth implementation process.  
  3. Centralization of solver licenses and decentralization of interactive licenses ensuring optimal hardware utilization.
  4. Introduction of parametric design optimization ensuring the optimal choice of design parameters.
  5. Storing simulation data centrally and in a systematic way allowing for simulation knowledge to be better captured and reused.


By introducing a more simulation driven design process Oticon was able to make their development process even more efficient. More than 75% of simulations traditionally done by experts can now be done by design specialists which allows them to come up with new innovative ideas faster than before.

The design specialist can choose optimal design parameters with a minimum of extra effort and simulation data are stored in a systematic way so they can be reused. This has resulted in more innovative and better performing products.

ANSYS Acoustic ACT extension in ANSYS Workbench read more (PDF 312 kB)