Engineering Consulting, by the means of mathematical modeling and computer simulations of components and systems,
is offered by our CAE Service Provider Companies. They cover all industries as well as all engineering disciplines, such as structural, fluid, electromagnetic, multi-physics and system simulation.


For larger projects a team of engineers will be set up from various member companies. One member company would act as the point of contact (or the project coordinator) and would be responsible for delivering the entire project.

An example of a successful collaborative solution was performed for a Turkish bus manufacturer. Our member company in Turkey, Figes, acted as the project leader and CADFEM GmbH from Germany provided consultancy for the bus-rollover simulation according to the EU regulation ECE R66.

If you require simulation expertise on a temporary basis please contact Christine Bundlechner to enquire about the availability of technical engineers from our member companies to assist your in-house engineering team.

For specific advanced topics, customers may also contact our Honorary Members.

Our members are also involved in numerous funded projects, which are sponsored by national ministries as well as by the European Union. If you need a partner for a funded project we may also be able to offer our assistance.




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