SIMetris releases NACS 2.3

NACS provides mechanical, vibroacoustic, piezoelectric, and magnetic finite element simulations. It comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface as well as powerful scripting facilities. An integrated postprocessing tool allows a fast visualization of simulation results.

NACS 2.3 is a feature release that enhances the functionality of NACS and improves the handling and the interaction with the user.

Absorbing Boundary Condition for Mechanics
NACS 2.3 allows to apply an absorbing boundary condition to bounds of mechanical domains. This is useful if you want to simulate small segments of e.g. pipes without reflections on the simulation boundary.

Acoustic Impedance Boundary Condition
Using the acoustic impedance boundary condition acoustic cavities and simulation domains can now be modeled more realistic.

Nonconforming Interfaces

Starting with NACS 2.3 we support our users defining non conforming interfaces between simulation domains. This allows to use the best mesh available for each simulation domain.

Modify Grid Order
NACS allows to change the element approximation order without altering the
mesh. The approximation order can be changed indepedently for each region and physic.

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