SIMetris releases NACS 2.2

NACS provides mechanical, vibroacoustic, piezoelectric, and magnetic finite element simulations. It comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface as well as powerful scripting facilities. An integrated postprocessing tool allows a fast visualization of simulation results.

NACS 2.2 is a feature release that enhances the functionality of NACS and improves the handling and the interaction with the user.

Increased nonlinear capabilities
NACS 2.2 arrives with support for nonlinear mechanics and mechanical prestressing as required for e.g. power transformers, microphone or loudspeaker devices.

Improved ease of use and faster explicit solver
When utilizing the powerful explicit solver in NACS the critical maximum time stepsize is computed and the simulation setup is automatically adjusted to the modified time stepsize.

Enhanced user interaction
During the parametrization of a NACS simulation the user is supported by highlighting selected regions and groups and visual coordinate system support.

Speed-up in result data visualization
A new xy-plot viewer has been integrated in the ResultViewer. Now the FFT spectrum from time history plots can automatically be shown in the postprocessor. Mesh results are automatically resized to the visual extents which also support the user with an easy access to result data.

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