Cancellation of the TechNet Alliance Meeting in Lyon, France, April 23-24, 2020

We will cancel the planned spring meeting in Lyon due to the measures currently taken worldwide in order to slow down the pandemic.

We will decide about the fall meeting by mid of June 2020. As we have done now, we will follow the suggestions of the WHO in June and consider the then current measures. TechNet Alliance is a long term and close community, and we are sure that we will find a common way to cover this.

Although we regret canceling the next meeting, this is a time to listen to other experts. In joint efforts to slow down the pandemic we are listening to medical experts and kindly ask all of you to follow their advice as well.

We are positive that we will meet again in fall this year and we look forward to seeing everyone of you at the next meeting.

Until then, please stay healthy. Thanks and kind regards,

Matthias Alberts, Markus Dutly, Clovis Maliska Jr., Guenter Mueller, Stefano Odorizzi, Marco Perillo