ANSYS 17.0: Excellence Times Ten

Developed with one vision in mind: to improve your engineering simulation experience and product development outcomes by a factor of 10, or 10x.

10 Simulation Advancements for Turbomachinery

ANSYS delivers more accurate results with higher levels of engineering productivity so that you can maximize your turbomachinery's performance and efficiency. ANSYS 17.0 includes 10 advances to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), mechanical and systems simulation technologies and enhancements across the turbomachinery spectrum.

Better, Faster CFD

ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) delivers solutions faster so that engineers and designers can make better decisions sooner in the design cycle. Innovations across the entire workflow — including modeling, meshing, user environment design, high performance computing and post processing — combine to radically accelerate the time to results without compromising accuracy.

10x More Cores for CFD (with Linear Scalability)

ANSYS continues its history of constantly improving the HPC capabilities of ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Fluent by significantly reducing solver computation time from release to release, enabling simulation to be applied to a much broader set of real­world problems and products than ever before.

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