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DatapointLabs, LLC

DatapointLabs is a technical center for materials which tests more than 1800 materials annually in an ISO 17025 production environment, using the latest technologies in quantitative material testing to characterize physical properties in the solid and melt states.
DatapointLabs and its affiliate, Matereality, are together strengthening the materials core of manufacturing enterprises by offering expert material testing services and software for materials data visualization, analytics, CAE material parameter conversion, and management.

DatapointLabs, LLC
Main Office 95 Brown Road, Suite 10
Ithaca, NY 14850
Other offices Dublin
Contact Person Hubert Lobo
Phone: +1 607 2660405
Fax: +1 607 2660168

Company Profile

DatapointLabs: Technical Center for Materials

Customers in 1200 companies from 34 countries worldwide recognize US-headquartered DatapointLabs ( as their materials science partner for new product design, CAE, and research and development efforts across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, appliance, biomedical, consumer products, electronics, and material supplier verticals.

DatapointLabs tests more than 1800 materials annually, including plastics, rubber, composites, foams, ceramics, foods, and metals, in an ISO 17025 production environment. The company is a pioneer in using the latest technologies in quantitative material testing. It is known as a center of excellence for characterizing physical properties of materials in the solid and melt states, including mechanical, rheological, thermal, pvT, viscoelastic, impact, fatigue, and creep.

The company delivers research-quality material data inputs for CAE in as fast as five business days for standard tests. DatapointLabs is a partner of choice to the leading CAE software vendors.
The company’s TestPaks allow users to order all the material testing needed for their CAE, and receive complete material models in digital format, ready for import into their design application. The digital data include raw data, converted data and any validation results.

Matereality ( operates private and public cloud material databases empowered by a suite of web-based apps and software modules that allow users to work with material data for material database creation, management, data analytics and CAE material parameter conversion. Matereality's ready-for-deployment, patented technology provides infrastructure to store any properties of any materials, with solutions for different needs, budgets and company sizes: a Personal Database for one user, a Workgroup Database for small groups, and Material Data Servers for manufacturing enterprises.

Together, DatapointLabs and Matereality deliver a comprehensive materials science resource, providing accurate material testing and software for centralized materials knowledge management that helps accelerate the pace of product development.