Honorary Member

Prof. Dr. Marco Evangelos Biancolini

Prof. Dr. Biancolini is a Mechanical Engineer continuously driven by curiosity. Explore, discover, set-up new algorithms useful for numerical modeling and CAE is what he does as a Professor. Understanding problems, bringing innovative solutions and setting-up complex numerical workflows is what he does as a consultant. Communicating his passion is what he tries to do as a teacher. Prof. Dr. Biancolini is currently focused on Radial Basis Functions theory and its numerical HPC implementation.

Address University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Department of Enterprise Engineering
Via Politecnico 1
00133 Rome
Contact Marco Evangelos Biancolini
Phone: +39 06 7259 7124

Curiculum Vitae

  • Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1997
  • Full time researcher at Tor Vergata since 2000
  • Doctor's degree in Mechanical System Design in 2001
  • Teacher in Machine Design since 2002
  • Scientific Coordinator of TVK (Tor Vergata Karting), a working group dedicated to go kart design and motorsport since 2002
  • Faculty advisor of the Formula SAE team in the period 2006-2013
  • Author and owner of the mesh morphing software RBF Morph (www.rbf-morph.com)
  • Software Partner of ANSYS Inc. since 2009
  • Winner of the Fluent Worldwide Award "CFD User of the Year 2005"
  • Awarded for the "Most Advanced Approach Using Integrated and Combined Simulation Methods" at the European Automotive Simulation Conference (EASC 2009)
  • Awarded for the "Best Use of HPC" at the Automotive Simulation World Congress in (ASWC 2013)


  • Professional experience in aerospace structural design, machine design, Formula 1 car aerodynamics; as senior designer and as developer of custom software solutions.
  • Expert user of Finite Element Method (Nastran), author of FEM solvers for custom applications (go-kart chassis, paper materials, sails).
  • Definition and set-up of automated workflow for industrial applications (automatic design of packaging, parametric CFD analysis of vehicles).

Research activities

  • Vehicle Dynamic (modeling road accident with 2D and 3D model, go kart chassis optimization, motorbike frame shape optimization).
  • ICE design (gas dynamic modeling of inlet and exhaust, valve timing optimization, crankshaft dynamic analysis, reed valve dynamic analysis).
  • Micromechanics (corrugated board products modeling and testing).
  • Shape optimization of fluid dynamic using mesh morphing (race cars, motorbikes, ships, boats, engine manifolds, vessels).
  • Radial Basis Functions (numerical methods for large RBF problems, response surface metamodeling, interpolation of flow fields in hemodynamics, image processing).

Ongoing research activities are focused on the industrial use of Radial Basis Functions Theory. Active programs include the use of RBF as a tool for shape optimization in aeronautic, nautical and naval fields. Prof. Dr. Biancolini currently covers the following research roles:

  • WP leader and technical coordinator of the EU FP7-TRANSPORT project RBF4AERO project "Innovative benchmark technology for aircraft engineering design and efficient design phase optimization".
  • Coordinator of the WP JTI-CS-2013-GRA-01-052 "Development and validation of methodologies and software tools for the implementation of accurate transfer of loads between numerical models" (RIBES) of the Clean Sky - Green Regional Aircraft EU Project (under negotiation).
  • Coordinator of the Experiment "Virtual Automatic Rapid Prototyping Based on Fast Morphing on HPC Platforms" (proposed with CINECA and HSL Italia), approved in the first call of EU FP7 FORTISSIMO project.


Prof. Dr. Biancolini is Autor of about 130 scientific & industrial publications. Among them:

  • Biancolini M E, Viola I M, Riotte M (2014). Sails trim optimisation using CFD and RBF mesh morphing. COMPUTERS & FLUIDS, vol. 93, p. 46-60, ISSN: 0045-7930
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  • Biancolini M E, Groth C (2013). Use of RBF Morph mesh morphing for the estimation of airfoil performances in presence of ice profiles. In: ANSYS USER GROUP MEETING ITALIA Jun. 2013. Salsomaggiore, Jun. 2013
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