Honorary Member

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luis Gavete

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luis Gavete is an expert for numerical simulation in engineering. One focus of his work are finite elements and finite volumes as well as meshless or meshfree methods. Furthermore, he is engaged with air quality simulation of pollution models and also neural networks and predictive models.

Address Technical University of Madrid
Alenza 4
28003 Madrid
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Professional career and current position

  • 1978
    Ph. Doctor in Engineering, Technical University of Madrid.
  • 1988
    Ph. Doctor in Mathematics, Universidad Nacional Educación Distancia. Spain.
  • 1978-1988
    Project Director, Inypsa.
  • 1989- present
    Professor of Applied Mathematics, Technical University of Madrid. 
  • 1991-1995
    Department Head, Applied Mathematics and Computer Methods. Technical University of Madrid.
  • 1998-2008
    Department Head, Applied Mathematics to the Natural Resources. Technical University of Madrid.
  • 2008-present
    Research Group Head, Numerical Simulation of Natural Resources. Technical University of Madrid.
  • 1988
    Award of Real Academia de Doctores (Spain).
  • 5 Research Incentive Awards (National Research Evaluation Commission)


  • Numerical Simulation in Engineering
  • Finite elements and finite volumes
  • Meshless or meshfree methods
  • Air quality simulation of pollution models
  • Neural networks and predictive models
  • Generalized finite difference models


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luis Gavete is author of more than 190 publications (authored, co-authored or edited) including over 67 journal papers, 8 books and 5 chapter contributed to books and research monographs. He also is referee for about 12 international journals an director of 15 PhD Theses.

Some recent publications

  • Molina, Pedro/Gavete, Luis/Gavete, M. Lucía/Ureña, Francisco/Benito, Juan José (2015): A finite volume-finite difference method with stiff ode solver for advection-diffusion-reaction equation, International Journal of Computer mathematics. Vol. 92, 9, 1946-1955
  • Gavete, Luis/Gavete, María Lucía/Ureña, Francisco/Benito, Juan José (2015): An approach to refinement of irregular clouds of points using generalized finite differences, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, article ID 283757, 9 pages
  • Benito, J. J./Ureña, F./Salete, E./Muelas A./Gavete, L./Galindo, R. (2015): Wave propagation in soils problems using the generalized finite difference method, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 79, 190-198
  • Gavete, L./Benito J.J./Ureña, F. (2016): Generalized finite differences for solving 3D elliptic and parabolic equations, Applied mathematical modelling. 40, 955-965
  • Salete, E./Benito, J. J./Ureña, F./Gavete, L./Ureña M./García, A. (2017): Stability of perfectly matched layer regions in generalized finite difference method for wave problems, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 312, 231-239
  • Gavete, L./Ureña, F./Benito, J. J./García, A./Ureña, M./Salete, E. (2017): Solving second order non-linear elliptic partial differential equations using generalized finite difference method, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 318, 378-387
  • Ureña, Miguel/Benito, Juan José/Ureña, Francisco/Salete, Eduardo/Gavete, Luis: Application of generalized finite differences method to reflection and transmission problems in seismic SH waves propagation, Mathematical Methods in the applied sciences (to be published)