Honorary Member

Dr.-Ing. Werner Dirschmid

The mission of Dr. Dirschmid is to optimize the development of products especially in the automotive industry by using the methods of computer simulation (CAE). These techniques allow to check in advance relevant behaviors like fatigue, any flow phenomena, dynamics in any frequency range (vibration until noise) and many others. The activities of Dr. Dirschmid focus on the improvement of the CAE Integrity in the enterprise.

Address Dr.-Ing. Werner Dirschmid
Sustrisstraße 9
85049 Ingolstadt
Contact Werner Dirschmid
Phone: +49 8418 73 32
Fax: +49 8418 73 32

Personal Profile

  • Following the studies of mechanical engineering at the University of Vienna and the promotion at the University of Stuttgart Dr. Dirschmid started his career at Audi as a Finite Element analyst. He was involved in the development of new numerical methods in different fields to support the development of cars: stiffness and strength of the body and parts, dynamics for investigations of vibration, oscillation and noise, nonlinear techniques mainly to improve the car structure in the case of an impact. Addition applications were the simulation of fluid dynamics and the processes of manufacturing.
  • His experience summarizes all facts which influence the workflow and the success of CAE techniques: smart organization, data management, right tools depending on the challenges of the design, cooperation with familiar disciplines like test and manufacturing and also with research institutes, management of costs and time of CAE in the design processes, reporting etc.


  • Chairman of the Program Committee of the VDI conference “Simulation und Erprobung in der Fahrzeugentwicklung” (SIMVEC)
  • Chairman of the Steering Committee of NAFEMS in DACH
  • Managing the Forum “Simulation in der Automobilindustrie” which brings together people who are responsible for numerical simulation in the automotive industry including the suppliers. The aim is to exchange experience, trends and important information concerning software, hardware etc.

Publications (selection)

  • W. Dirschmid: An Iteration Procedure for Reducing the Expenses of Static, Elastoplastic and Eigenvalue Problems in Finite Analyses; Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 35 (1982) 15-33; North-Holland Publishing Company.
  • W. Dirschmid: Parameter Identification for Noise Prediction in Car Structures; SAE Paper 901754; Passenger Car Meeting and Exposition, Dearborn, Michigan, 1990.
  • W. Dirschmid: Einsatz der Simulationstechnik unter dem Gesichtspunkt des Nutzen-Kosten-Aspekts; ATZ Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift 94 (1992).