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TRUECONOMY | design & communication is a full service design agency from Potsdam. Beside offering typical services for web, media and print, it has specialised in the development of complex online software and userfriendly software interfaces. The client portfolio ranges from medium-sized enterprises to social institutions and industries such as healthcare, aviation and CAE.

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 7
14482 Potsdam
Contact Person Sebastian Heinzel
Phone: +49 331 237 00 101
Fax: +49 331 237 00 528
TRUECONOMY GmbH - Expertise

Consulting & Conceptional Services

TRUECONOMY kick starts each of its projects with a deep understanding of our clients industries, customers and business models. Together with our clients we come clear about the project goals and map out constrains, chances and dependencies of the project mission. Hence, we consult our clients in a service oriented but yet responsible way, even if this means to cut back excitement to the core values of a minimum viable product to test out.

We offer:

  • Workshops to Define Product or Company Strategy
  • Multistep-Process for Corporate Design and Visual Brand Building
  • Definition of Software Requirements
  • Creation of User Workflows and Information Hierarchies
  • Creation of Complete Digital Strategies and Software Concepts

Design & User Exerperience

TRUECONOMY approaches design as the overall interface to content and functionality, that always serve a clear purpose. So wether we create a software user interface, a mobile-ready website design or a corporate design, it is all about pinning down priorities, explore content structure and design a user experience at the end.

We offer:

  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Creation of Corporate Design
  • Visual Design of Software Interfaces
  • Visual Design of Websites and Online Services
    (Mobile-ready, Ecommerce, Complex Content Structure)

Implementation & Online Software

TRUECONOMY is devoted to a custom-made approach, when it comes to realizing online software. We customize open source software or develope new software from the scratch. Based on our strong skill in the conception of user-friendly software we stick to sustainable solutions that are pragmatic enough to generate the highest return on the investment. Beside the product development we provide all necessary services or can recommend specialised partners to succesfully launch your project.

We offer:

  • Content Management Systems
    (TYPO3, Wordpress, etc.)
  • Individual Software Development
    (Complex Onlinesoftware, Unique Frontend Features and Ecommerce Solutions)
  • Online Marketing
    (Social Media, SEO/SEA, Newsletter and PR)
  • Content Creation
    (Video, Illustration and Photography)