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Ingenieurbüro Mager

The Engineering Office Mager supports especially smaller companies in the acquisition and management of public funding for innovative projects of technical research, development and demonstration. This involves to check funding sources and the eligibility of projects. For promising projects, drafts and proposals are written. In running projects, the necessary technical and financial reports are prepared.

Ingenieurbüro Mager
Main Office Ingenieurbüro Mager
Schabelweg 23
78073 Bad Dürrheim
Contact Person Dr.-Ing. Klaus Mager
Phone: +49 7726 939979
Fax: +49 7720 941606

Our Services

Preparatory services:

  • Ongoing teaching about relevant funding programs for our clients,
  • Evaluation of existing projects with respect to grant opportunities,
  • Selection of the funding programs under consideration,
  • Making initial contact with potential supporters,
  • The development of project sketches for submission to financial supporters.

Work in the proposal phase:

  • Appropriate formulation of the complete grant application (text portion, cost portion, and form portion) according to guidelines,
  • Follow-up on deadlines at deciding institutions after submission,
  • The composition of comments and statements.

Services after application approval:

  • Follow-up on projects, coordination of required measures (when applicable) in the case of deviations that affect deadlines or goals,
  • Complete reporting to financial supporters, both technically and financially,
  • Periodic calculation of project costs, drawing up of resource requests.