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Welcome to TechNet Alliance, a Global Network of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Experts dedicated to Consulting • Support • Training • Marketing and Distribution of CAE Software and Technology.

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Our Business:
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Today's manufacturers face constant competitive pressure from around the world. To succeed, they must deliver higher quality products at lower costs. This task requires the effective use of the best available technology. As a result, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) has become a critical element in the product development process.

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Why Alliance

Despite its wide range of application, CAE is a niche market.

For example, it is estimated (2004) that each year about 15 billion US$ are spent on PLM software and services. The estimated share of purchased CAE tools worldwide including services is 2.3 billion (This does not include the CAD, CAM, or PDM markets). It is assumed that the net value (total usage) is 5 - 6 times of the above numbers.

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