MoldSim inside ANSYS

In the development of components made of short fiber-reinforced plastics, two types of simulation play a central role. While an injection molding simulation maps the manufacturing process, a strength calculation establishes the structural mechanics behavior of the component under analysis.

MoldSim inside ANSYS

CADFEM ANSYS extension for combining of injection molding simulation with ANSYS Workbench

Connecting the results of these two different analyses with each other, in the interest of optimum product quality, has long been considered extremely complex. This is where the MoldSim inside ANSYS solution developed by CADFEM comes in: It allows the direct import of pertinent information from the injection molding simulation into the structural mechanics calculation in ANSYS Workbench.


  • complete integration of the process from the import of the injection molding geometry data through to the evaluation of the results in ANSYS
  • quick import of the fiber orientation and distortion stresses into ANSYS
  • homogenization of the results from the mechanical FE mesh

The direct path from injection molding to structural mechanics

MoldSim inside ANSYS

Short fiber-reinforced plastics are used in numerous industries such as consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical engineering, electronics, and electrical industry.

Integrating the results of the injection molding process into the structural mechanics simulation provides a comprehensive analysis of the final production part performance. Until now, this has only been possible with a great deal of effort. Consequently, CADFEM developed MoldSim inside ANSYS to seamlessly integrate the results of an injection molding simulation into the FEM simulation environment of ANSYS Workbench.

Optimum plastic components

MoldSim inside ANSYS

MoldSim integration allows the user to incorporate the effects on structural material properties of relevant injection molding attributes such as distortion stress, fiber orientation, and fiber content into the strength calculation by ANSYS Workbench.

Therefore, local and global effects can be examined for their contribution to the structural behavior of the production part. The completely integrated workflow, from the injection molding simulation by MoldSim linked to a FEM analysis with ANSYS, offers an efficient and complete process simulation that delivers significant design improvements.

Technical information

  • System requirements: ANSYS Workbench, Version 16 or later
  • Support of Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight, Moldex3D, and Simpoe
  • Expansion to other injection molding tools available upon request.


Brochure: MoldSim inside ANSYS


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