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Model based development and testing of vehicle dynamics and automotive control systems
 Detailed and precise Virtual Vehicle Environment (VVE) with industry leading driver model
 Open model integration platform, MATLAB/Simulink models
 Easy and rapid integration of controller models and physical hardware components
 Seamlessly integrated into the entire development process
 Stable test automation guarantees reproducibility of simulation results

CarMaker is an advanced software package for model-based testing and development in the field of vehicle dynamics for cars, motorcycles and trucks. CarMaker enables you to develop automotive control systems, e.g. ABS/ESP, ACC, EPB, ARS, AFS, as well as all-wheel drive and engine control systems. You can use CarMaker during the entire development process, from the initial design through to the final tests for series production. Depending on the stage of development of your project the simulation methods model-, software- or hardware-in-the-loop (MIL, SIL, HIL) are applied. Not only single ECUs can be validated in the HIL simulation, but also complex controller clusters integrated in the vehicle. CarMaker is easy and intuitive to use and the extremely stable test automation ensures that the simulations are done very efficiently with reproducible results.

CarMaker is based on a complete Virtual Vehicle Environment (VVE). The VVE consists of detailed and precise models, which together simulate the complete dynamics of a driving vehicle. The driving tests with CarMaker can be performed as on a real test track. The virtual vehicle carries out all important driving maneuvers and it is controlled by a virtual driver who is able to learn the limits of the vehicle like a real test driver. The VVE can be used as an open integration platform to which you can connect your own tools and models. All models are fully integrated in Simulink so that you have the possibility to modify or replace them by your own Simulink models, e.g. by your own drive train or steering system model. The integration of physical hardware components, such as single ECUs or complete labcars works smoothly as well.

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